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Are you wondering how to achieve business sustainability certification? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Planet Mark!
We understand businesses benefit from attaining business sustainability certification. And now’s the time to get serious about reducing your organisation’s carbon emissions at the same time you work to improve the local community

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Why is business sustainability certification important? 

Business sustainability certification shows an organisation’s commitment to putting an end to climate change. Certification is also the stamp of approval needed to attract clients and stakeholders who share the goal of sustainability and improving the environment. Certification also lets everyone know that a company’s sustainability efforts have been certified, and there’s no greenwashing involved. 

Sustainability certification also puts the focus on saving money and bringing in new customers and offers a way to gain an important advantage over competitors. Studies have shown that customers are looking for companies that are geared to positive environmental commitments. They also want to do business with organisations that meet environmental regulations and have a serious social commitment. 

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Business sustainability certification program

Our certification for business sustainability program shows an organisation is committed to continuous improvement, measuring and reducing its carbon emissions, and more. 

We are committed to helping you reach your sustainability goals at each step of the way. No matter where you’re starting on your sustainability journey, we’re here to help you create meaningful goals and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Our members average a 24% cut in absolute carbon emissions annually and 17% carbon saving per employee per year by reducing energy, waste, water, travel, and procurement. What’s more, 98% of our members achieve their goals in order to renew their certification each year. Each business that is certified through our program protects an acre of rainforest through our partnership with Cool Earth. 

Planet Mark is committed to creating a thriving society and planet. We want to bring together the best of people, technology, and nature to bring radical reductions in carbon emissions, transform communities, and stop climate change in its tracks. We want a planet where everyone contributes to a sustainable and equitable planet and society for everyone. 

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Our business sustainability process

We know that sustainability is a complex issue; however, we want to support our members in understanding their impact on the environment and how they can reduce it. Our business sustainable certification process involves three steps that help your organisation improve its actions, engage employees, and amplify its achievements. 

Our sustainability process is different from other business sustainability certifications. We have a unique, three-step process that’s simple. What’s more, we support you in achieving your sustainability goals each step of the way. 

The three steps in our process go way beyond only examining your carbon footprint. It also offers you a way to engage employees and get them excited and more involved with your sustainability goals. And our program helps you communicate your sustainability strategies and accomplishments to a wider audience. 

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Business sustainability certification measuring

Some businesses believe the process of measuring their carbon and social data must be complicated. While that may be true without sustainability certification programs, at Planet Mark, we keep the process simple. 

We help you understand the impact your business has on the planet through a simple process. We also help you identify your organisation’s progress in making reductions. You’ll have a simple way to gain a clear picture of your environmental impacts using our carbon dioxide metric. 

We also measure your contributions to society by putting a financial value on the impact of your organisation’s social activities. 

You can count on us to measure your carbon and social data with rigour. You’ll then have the ability to report your progress with full confidence and authenticity. 

Our process includes employee engagement

We also work with you to engage your employees to drive their passion for change. Employees are the key to reaching your sustainability goals. And with our team of engagement experts, you’ll have help in motivating employees to change their behaviour, develop innovative solutions, and more. 

We offer everything needed to engage your employees, including toolkits on a wide range of subjects, along with workshops that help put the focus on the essential issues and advice on how to plan long-term goals and solutions. 

Business Sustainability Certification Communication 

What’s more, we also provide the tools you need to communicate your progress and build a brand customers and stakeholders can trust. A Planet Mark certification is a recognised symbol of sustainability, progress, and credibility. Not only that, but through our program, your reach and influence give you the ability to encourage others to take action, too. 

When you put your certificate in the public domain, your organisation is transparent about its sustainability progress. This works to build trust and increase loyalty with customers and your supply chain. 

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