Business Sustainability Certification 

Business sustainability certification is a process that’s done by a third party. They work to assess your company’s business practices in regard to the environment and sustainability. The assessment also includes how these practices support society and the environment. 

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Business Sustainability Certification

Businesses today are more committed to being environmentally responsible than ever before. It’s no longer enough to develop a measure to save the planet; companies must also have the social credibility that shows how they sustain the environment and the humans who live there. 

The way to show clients and society that a business is taking steps to solve environmental problems is through business sustainability certification. 

business sustainability certification

What is business sustainability certification? 

Business sustainability certification is a process that’s done by a third party. They work to assess your company’s business practices in regard to the environment and sustainability. The assessment also includes how these practices support society and the environment. 

When the assessor finds the business measure up to the right criteria, the company gains approval and certification, which validates that the company’s efforts are truly sustainable. The third-party assessor then grants certification to the business, which is seen as social proof that can be shared with clients, partners, and more. 

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Who is business sustainability certification For? 

Business sustainability certification is beneficial for businesses across a wide range of industries. These companies understand the need to develop environmentally-friendly products and processes at all levels, including their supply chains, partnerships, and more. 

Why is business sustainability certification needed? 

A company may need to show sustainability certification for several reasons. For instance, certification may be required for certain client projects. Many businesses are looking for environmentally conscious partners. 

In addition, business sustainability certification may also be required to apply for specific government funding initiatives and obtain loans and other financial products. 

What are the benefits of business sustainability certification? 

Save time & money: a client may require your company to have business sustainability certification to bid on a contract or prequalify for a tender. Having an assessment done can take time; however, if you already have certification, your business saves time and money. 

Identify weaknesses in your environmental policies: another benefit of business sustainability certification is that it may find places where your business may not meet certain requirements and standards. The certification process reviews company policies closely and analyses processes and practices. Finding the weakness and taking steps to alleviate the issue can mean you obtain more work and funding. 

Improve stakeholder investments: not only may clients require that your business meets certain environmental qualifications, but stakeholders may also have this requirement. Stakeholders around the world are becoming more concerned with the environment and want to support businesses that meet specific environmental standards. Having a business sustainability certificate means you’re ahead of other companies who may have to have an assessment done to meet stakeholders’ requirements. 

Environmental policy becomes business strategy: another benefit of business sustainability certification is that you’re in a better position to ensure that all company strategies fit in with environmental policies. In addition, it allows you to show potential clients and others your business has managed to successfully develop and maintain certain sustainability efforts that benefit society and the environment. 

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Drive meaningful change 

We’re committed to driving meaningful change. On average, our members have been able to reduce their carbon emissions by up to 24% a year, with 17% carbon savings per employee per year. They have accomplished these numbers through reductions in waste, energy, water, travel, and procurement. 

98% of our members are able to achieve their targets in order to renew their certification each year. 

Compliance reporting

Our business sustainability certification program also includes compliance reporting organisations may be required to submit. We help you achieve compliance and develop a sustainability strategy that keeps your business in compliance in the future. 

Rigorous data measuring

You can count on us when it comes to measuring your company’s data. We measure your carbon and social data using a thorough method. You can report your progress with complete authenticity and confidence. 

What’s more, you’ll have a better understanding of how your company impacts the planet. Our measurements help find areas where you can work diligently to cut carbon emissions. 

We also measure your social contributions and put a financial value on your business’s impact on social activities. 

Engage your employees 

Our program also brings employees on board to change behaviours, innovate, and bring new solutions to reducing waste, energy, and more.

As we work with you to implement a sustainability strategy, we also provide toolkits on a wide range of topics and workshops. We offer advice on how to plan for long-term sustainability improvement. 

Communicate sustainability progress

Our business sustainability certification also includes assistance with letting others know your company has made progress with sustainability measures. It’s essential to let potential clients, partners, and stakeholders know where you stand on protecting the environment and making social contributions. 

With our program, your certificate will be in the public domain. And you can be transparent about your progress with sustainability while building credibility and trust with customers and your supply chain. 

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Planet Mark business sustainability certification 

Our business sustainability certification program is second to none.  That’s because we put the emphasis on quality and consistency. Our certification program rules, procedures, and management processes are in alignment with ISO 17065 to ensure we deliver quality certification. 

In addition, we are committed to continuous improvement. That means we’re regularly reviewing legal requirements, compliance, and best practices to ensure our certification program remains compliant and on the cutting edge of business sustainability certification. 

If you’d like to learn more about our business certification program, contact us today. Let us know how we can help your company achieve its compliance and sustainability goals.

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