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Welcome to Planet Mark an environmental consultancy Cambridge. We provide environmental consulting and a sustainability program to help your organisation achieve its environmental goals. We are committed to providing our members with prompt, professional environmental services.

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We are an environmental consultancy that helps large entities and SMEs reduce their carbon footprints and so much more.
We offer a sustainability certification program for all types of companies. Our Planet Mark certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action, and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals who can make a difference in the world.

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What is an Environmental Consultancy Cambridge?

Not everyone knows what an environmental consultancy is, and that’s OK. However, as concern for the environment grows, more organisations are turning to environmental consultants for assistance with reducing their carbon footprint and more.
Environmental consultancies work with organisations to come into compliance with environmental regulations. They are hired by a company to come in and evaluate the environmental impact of the organisation, and offer advice and guidance on the following:
• Reduction of energy usage & improving energy efficiency
• The use of renewable energy
• Waste & recycling
• Carbon emissions reduction
• Climate change and emission management
An environmental consultancy also explains how a company can meet environmental rules and regulations. They can also help develop greener processes and practices, and more. Each member of the consultancy also has a deep understanding of business practices.
With this knowledge, they help an organisation become more competitive and show them how to develop the right policies and procedures to meet its sustainability goals.
This is what we do at Planet Mark.

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What is Planet Mark? 

Planet Mark is a sustainability certification for all kinds of organisations. Through our certification, your company can strengthen its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and set credible net zero carbon targets that are in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)’s Net-Zero Corporate Standard.

cambridge environmental consultancy

Our Business Certification

Our Business Certification, as mentioned above, recognised the commitment to continuous improvement, measuring and reducing a company’s carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, travel, and waste.
As an environmental consultancy in Cambridge, we are committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals. Consider the fact that on average, Planet Mark-certified businesses make a 24% cut in absolute carbon emissions per year and 17% carbon saving per employee per year through reductions in energy, waste, water, travel, and procurement.
In addition, 98% of our members achieve their targets in order to renew their certification year-on-year. Every business that becomes certified through our program protects an acre of rainforest through our partnership with Cool Earth.
These are figures that speak for themselves. The Planet Mark certification helps your business become more sustainable and meet environmental regulations while creating a better planet.

Our team works to support your journey with recommendations for further improvements. Once we’ve calculated your carbon footprint, we offer recommendations on how to meet carbon reduction targets considering areas such as water, waste, travel, employee engagement, and carbon offsetting projects. 

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The Planet Mark Certification Process

How does Planet Mark certification work? First, we measure your carbon footprint and social data through simple, efficient, readily available company information.
Throughout the process, our professional sustainability team supports your reporting boundary and offers advice on data collection. You’re never left wondering what to do or how to do it. We support you each step of the way.
Once your data has been collected and analysed, we deliver high-level improvement recommendations and management information to help your company achieve its sustainability goals. Our team goes with you through the entire process, from gathering data to reduction.

Engage Your Employees

We understand that employees are the key for your company to achieve success, including reaching its sustainability goals. We have an engagement team that provides webinar workshops, toolkits, and events to build the knowledge and skills your team requires.
We work with you to make sustainability a part of your company culture, to drive innovation and continual progress. What’s more, our engagement strategy also helps foster a connection to other holders of the Planet Mark certification. You have the chance to connect with other organisations to share learning and develop business opportunities.

Communicate Your Sustainability Progress

As a Cambridge environmental consultancy, we also give you the necessary tools to communicate your progress and build a trusted brand. The Planet Mark certification is a recognised sign of your sustainability progress. It’s essential to communicate your success in becoming more sustainable.
We provide you with the methods and tools to communicate your environmental and social contributions with credibility, authenticity, and transparency.


Why Choose Us?

Planet Mark is different from other sustainability certifications. We offer a unique, simple three-step process that supports our members and helps them achieve their sustainability goals.
These three steps go beyond measuring your carbon footprint. They help you engage every level of your business and communicate your sustainability strategy more broadly.
We are a Cambridge environmental consultancy that’s committed to driving change at scale. You can see our members’ achievements. Consider that 98% of our members are able to achieve their targets in order to renew their certification year-on-year. That’s a high success rate, one that is recognised across the industry. And you can be a part of this successful sustainability certification by becoming a Planet Mark member.
In addition, we make measuring your carbon and social data simple. And we measure your data with rigour so you can report your progress with confidence and authenticity. With a Planet Mark certification, you’ll have a better understanding of the impact your business has on the planet. This is essential for making reductions and improvements across the entire business.
We’ve created a simple way for you to measure your company’s environmental impacts using our measure, carbon dioxide. We also measure your contributions to society by putting a financial value on the impact of your social activities.
We are dedicated to helping you reach your sustainability goals by engaging the entire company. And we provide you with the tools needed to communicate your progress and create a trusted brand. With the Planet Mark certification, you’ll be more attractive to customers and stakeholders. The result is an increase in business and revenues while being recognised as an organisation that wants to save the environment.
If you’d like to learn more about our environmental consultancy Cambridge services, contact us today. We’re happy to explain our Planet Mark certification and how you can achieve your sustainability goals.

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