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Welcome to Planet Mark an environmental consultancy Edinburgh. We provide environmental consulting and a sustainability program to help your organisation achieve its environmental goals. We are committed to providing our members with prompt, professional environmental services.

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As an environmental consultancy Edinburgh company, we work to protect our planet and its natural resources now. We bring expert knowledge and research to help your business reduce its carbon footprint, reach governmental regulations, and help society. Our goal is to help our members make informed decisions on their policies and operations to improve their impact on the environment. 

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, be in compliance with environmental regulations, or develop green policies, Planet mark is the environmental consultancy Edinburgh for you. 

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What you can expect from us

Our team of environmental consultants works with a broad range of industries to help each organisation achieve sustainability certification. We recognise continuous improvement and encourage action. What’s more, we build an empowered community of organisations that want to make a difference in the world. 

Through our certification, we can help your business strengthen its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy. We also work with you to set credible net zero carbon targets that align with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)’s Net-Zero Corporate Standard. 

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How does our certification process work? 

Our environmental consultancy Edinburgh has a team that enables organisations and their employees to positively transform society and the environment through the measurement of their carbon and social data. We use a unique three-step process: Measure, Engage, and Communicate. 

Our Planet Mark Net Zero Programme also works to help your business reach net zero carbon, no matter what stage you’re at on the net zero journey. We’re here to support you in committing to a target and creating an action plan to reach it. 

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What do we mean by continuous improvement

Each year is critical to implementing sustainable programs that help you achieve carbon reduction and stop the climate crisis. Our environmental consultancy Edinburgh works to encourage and support you in continuously improving your sustainability strategies. 

Through our rigorous program, we measure your organisation’s carbon footprint annually (either calendar or financial year) to ensure carbon reduction targets are met. And to achieve certification each year, we require members to achieve a 2.5% reduction annually. 

We support you to contribute to additional UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reach SDG targets. In 2020, for instance, we reported an average 5 SDGs for each of our members. 

We support your journey

Our team works to support your journey with recommendations for further improvements. Once we’ve calculated your carbon footprint, we offer recommendations on how to meet carbon reduction targets considering areas such as water, waste, travel, employee engagement, and carbon offsetting projects. 

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Toolkits & resources

As an Edinburgh environmental consultancy, we also provide assets for your team. You’ll have toolkits and other resources to provide powerful knowledge and drive progress and improvements across the board. 

Enable meaningful change 

Our certification program enables meaningful change for our members by supporting them in their sustainability goals and certifying their achievements. When you see a Planet Mark certified member, you can count on them driving continuous positive change through their actions, people, and reach. 

That’s because we are committed to creating a positive society and planet. Our goal is to unite people, technology, and nature to bring about radical changes and reduce carbon emissions, transform communities, and stop the climate crisis. 

We ultimately see a world where we all work together to create a sustainable and equitable planet and society that’s right for everyone. 

Our process & business benefits

At Planet Mark, we understand that sustainability is a complex issue; however, we want to support businesses in understanding their impact on the environment and how they can minimise it. Our certification involves a three-step process that helps businesses achieve their sustainability goals while exciting their employees and amplifying their voices. 

We also demonstrate the business benefits of focusing on sustainability.

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