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Here are the main issues to consider when choosing the right environmental consultancy Nottingham.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the following questions, hiring an environmental consultant can benefit your organisation.

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Do you Need to Hire an Environmental Consultant?

This is the first question to ask before you even begin searching for an environmental consultancy Nottingham. Why do you want an environmental investigation of your business? It’s necessary to carefully consider the reason for hiring the consultancy.
If you’re unsure of the reason for wanting to do a sustainability assessment, your company may not need to hire an environmental consultant.

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What to Look for in an Environmental Consultancy in Nottingham 

Once you’ve found an environmental consultancy that may fit your company’s requirements, start by asking them for referrals. You may also be able to obtain referrals from your trade organisation or professional association. Once you’ve identified several recommended consultants, getting a written proposal from at least three is highly beneficial, though more is better.
Each consultancy should provide the following information on their proposal:

• Recent experience (they should also offer referrals from past clients)
• Qualifications of personnel, including professional licensing, resumes (that describe training and experience)
• Description of the work to be done, including objectives, methods to be used, standard operating procedures, and a description of deliverables.
• Project schedule, with the timeframe for each phase of the project
• A clear explanation of the cost estimates

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Interview the Environmental Consultancy 

Next, you need to ensure the consultancy has the right skills and experience to deal with your sustainability business certification. So, interview each firm on the list. During your meeting, it’s possible to discuss the details of the project in more depth, including the following:
• What does the consultancy propose to do and why?
• How does the consultant ensure the work and certification are thorough, correct, and compliant?
• What services do they offer that make them different or better than others?
• As key people available to complete your project in a timely manner?

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Review Past Performances & Check References 

Contact 2-3 previous clients and ask about the scope and nature of the services provided. Ask whether they were satisfied with the work.
Here are suggested questions to ask previous clients:
• Was the work completed in a timely manner?
• Did the scope of the work change significantly during the project? If so, why?
• Did the consultant work effectively with the client?
• Did the work comply with regulatory requirements?
• Was additional work required to achieve business certification?

Why Choose Us? 

We understand that sustainability is a complex issue that’s difficult to understand. So, we’re here to support you in understanding your impact on the environment and how this can be minimised.
Our certification process is simple and involves three robust steps that help your business reach its sustainability goals, excite your employees, and amplify your voice for sustainability.
We offer a unique process that’s different from other sustainability certifications. We use a three-step process that’s simple and supports you in achieving your sustainability goals. And these three steps go beyond measuring your carbon footprint. They help you engage your entire business and to communicate your sustainability strategy more broadly.
As an environmental consultancy in Nottingham, we measure your carbon and social data rigorously. This way, you can report your progress with confidence and authenticity. You’ll also gain more in-depth awareness and understanding of how your business affects the planet.
We keep the process easy by using carbon dioxide as our metric. In addition, we can also measure your company’s contributions to society by putting a financial value on the impact of your social activities.
We also help engage your employees to become excited about sustainability. They are the key to achieving your sustainability goals. Our team helps motivate your employees to change their behaviour, innovate, and take ownership of solutions.
To that end, we provide toolkits on many subjects and workshops to help your employees focus on the most important issues, along with advice on how to plan long-term ambitions.
Finally, as a Newcastle environmental consultancy, we also provide you with the right tools to communicate your progress to build a trusted brand. The Planet Mark certification is recognised as a symbol of sustainability progress and brings credibility to your business activities. Through your reach and influence, you have the ability to encourage others to take action.
Your business can be transparent about its sustainability progress when putting your Planet Mark certificate out in the public domain. Show customers, the supply chain, and partners that you’re serious about sustainability and making the world a better place.
If you’d like to learn more about our environmental consultant services, contact us today. We’re always happy to answer your questions and help you find the right path to becoming a Planet Mark certified business.

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