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Are you searching for a sustainability consultant Sheffield? If so, we’re happy you’re here! Welcome to Planet Mark! Some companies may not understand what sustainability is all about. So, we’ll give you a quick overview and then share information on the services we offer to help your business meet its sustainability goals.

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What is Sustainability in Business? 

Sustainability refers to an organisation’s strategy to reduce its negative impact on the environment. This negative impact results from the company’s operations. And this is important not only because of our fast-changing environment, but many governments are now requiring that businesses meet certain sustainability requirements. That’s done by hiring a sustainability consultant who analyses company data against environmental, social, and governance metrics (ESGs). 

There’s no question that the Earth’s environment is changing, with many of these changes irreversible. Climate change has already become a huge threat to nature and humans around the globe. It’s no longer possible to ignore what’s happening to our planet. Businesses are starting to feel pressure from people and government regulators to create sustainability goals as a result. 

Sustainability goals in business may include: 

– Improving energy use and management, the use of alternative power sources, and carbon accounting

– Changes in the supply chains that create a circular economy and encourage reuse, extending a product’s life, and promote sustainable consumption while protecting natural resources. 

– Putting into effect sustainable development methods through assessing risks and improving resiliency while being compliant with regulations

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Why is a Sustainability Consultant Sheffield Important to Business? 

Climate change is a fact, and doing business in an unpredictable world can dramatically affect the success of any company. By hiring a sustainability consultant, businesses can rethink how they operate and review their impact on natural resources and the environment. They have a chance to transform into a successful, sustainable business that is resilient and develops responsible practices to save our planet. 

In addition, there are several benefits for a business to hire a sustainability consultant and develop sustainable procedures and operations, including: 

Hiring and retaining talent: employees are increasingly seeking to work for companies that are focused on reducing their carbon footprint and becoming more sustainably responsible. In addition, employees are happier working for a sustainable business. 

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Customers: are willing to pay more for goods and services produced by sustainably responsible companies. This will increase over time and become an important demographic when creating products and services to meet the needs of customers. 

Compliance with regulatory bodies: governments are increasingly establishing regulations calling for organisations to become more responsible and sustainable. In addition, investors and stakeholders are granting more investment opportunities to companies that meet and exceed these regulations. 

Competitive edge: being compliant and sustainable also ensures an organisation has a competitive edge over other companies. It’s also a great way to attract customers, partners, and investors. 

Revenue growth: businesses that meet rigorous sustainability certification requirements not only become more sustainable, but with their edge over the competition, they also become more successful. It’s easier to scale, and they experience increased revenue growth. 

These are only a few of the reasons why a sustainable company experiences greater success. But now you may be wondering how to create a sustainable strategy. And that’s where Planet Mark comes in. 

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Why Hire a Sustainability Consultant in Sheffield? 

We just outlined all the reasons it’s essential to hire a sustainability consultant Sheffield. But it’s also essential to hire the right consultant. And Planet Mark has the right sustainability business certification for your company. 

Our business certification process recognises a company’s commitment to continuous improvement. Our process measures and reduces your organisation’s carbon emissions, energy & water consumption, travel, and waste. 

And we’re committed to your success. We help you achieve your sustainability goals each step of the way. On average, our certified business members make a 24% cut in absolute carbon emissions per year, 17% carbon savings per employee per year through reductions in energy, waste, water, travel & procurement. 98% of our members achieve their targets to renew their certification each year. 

Through our process, we measure your carbon and social data with rigour. You can then report your progress with complete confidence in the results. And we keep the process of measuring your carbon footprint simple and efficient by using company data that’s already available. 

Our expert Sheffield sustainability consultant team supports you. They help you set your reporting boundaries and provide guidance on data collection. You’re never left wondering what to do next or what data is needed. Our team is there to support you at every point of the process. 

What’s more, we go the extra mile to ensure your employees are also engaged in the process of becoming more sustainable. Why? Because employees drive change in their everyday choices. When they have the knowledge and understanding of what sustainability is and why it’s important, they’re ready to help the company reach its goals. 

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Your employees will learn through our webinars, toolkits, and events that work to build their knowledge and skills. Our goal is to embed sustainability within your company’s culture and drive innovation and continual progress. 

And through our Planet Mark certification program, you’ll be able to connect with other members and learn how they became more sustainable and responsible to society. You may also find opportunities to develop business with like-minded business partners and more. 

Our team also provides your organisation with the tools to communicate your progress and build a credible brand. Our Planet Mark certification is recognised as a sign that a company is making progress with its sustainability efforts. Communicating your environmental and social efforts contributes to credibility, authenticity, and transparency. 

These are the reasons it’s essential to hire a sustainability consultant Sheffield. And Planet Mark is one of the best sustainability consultants around. 

If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level by becoming more sustainable and responsible, contact us today. We’re happy to answer your questions about our certification process and how we can help your business become compliant with government and business regulations. Sustainable energy consultant

More businesses are choosing to become more sustainable. It’s an exciting time with organisations choosing to reduce their impact on the environment and society. But how is this accomplished? It can be done by hiring a sustainable energy consultant. 

If you’re not sure what a sustainable energy consultant does, read on. We explain that and how our company can help you become more sustainable. 

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What is a Sustainable Energy Consultant? 

A sustainable energy consultant may be an individual or a team that works with clients to examine and oversee ways a business can improve its energy usage. The consultant gathers and analyses company energy data and works with the organisation to develop energy management plans. The goal is to help a company become compliant and reach its sustainability goals. 

In addition, a sustainability energy consultant educates organisations on alternative energy resources, prepares reports on research findings, and identifies & evaluates viable options to reduce an organisation’s energy consumption. 

The entire process is more than just “going green.” The consultant works with the client to reduce energy costs, educate employees, and much more. 

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Why is a Sustainable Energy Consultant Important? 

There’s no question that the planet’s climate is changing and that human activities are responsible for many of these changes. Now is the time for businesses to respond to these climate change challenges. The long-term impacts of climate change affect us all, with temperatures and sea levels rising. Extreme weather events are becoming more numerous, including wildfires, hurricanes, and more. The effect of these extremes in weather compromise critical infrastructure, crop production, and liveability for people around the world. 

For these reasons, organisations are starting to understand their role in the changing climate. In addition, many governments and industries are developing regulations and requirements that businesses must meet in order to stay in operation. 

In addition, there’s increasing pressure for change from people around the world. Climate activism is growing around the world. There’s no question that people understand it’s time to hold businesses responsible for their activities. Increasingly, more customers demand that their preferred brands become more sustainable and accountable. 

Employees are also growing more dissatisfied with working for organisations that are not sustainable. They are choosing to work for businesses that offer transparency for their sustainability efforts. 

All  of this means it’s necessary for companies to show they are responsible and concerned about the environment. The best way to do this is through a sustainability certification program, such as Planet Mark. 

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Hiring a Sustainable Energy Consultant

Company leaders are looking for ways to prove their sustainability by hiring a sustainability energy consultant, such as Planet Mark. 

At Planet Mark, we offer a business certification process that’s unique. It recognises a company’s commitment to continuous improvement by measuring and reducing its carbon emission, energy & water consumption, travel, and waste. 

We are committed to helping your organisation achieve its sustainability goals. Our members, on average, achieve a 24% cut in absolute carbon emissions per year, 17% carbon saving per employee year through reductions in energy, waste, water, travel, and procurement. 98% of our members achieve their targets to renew their certification each year. 

We make the process of measuring your carbon footprint simple and efficient. We do this by using data that is already available in the company. And our expert sustainable energy consultant aids you in setting your reporting boundary, and they offer guidance on data collection. You’re never wondering how to proceed next. 

We deliver high-level improvement recommendations and management information to help you drive progress. Our team supports you each step of the way, from measurement to reduction. But we help with more, too. 

We also work with your employees to help them learn about sustainability and why it’s crucial to the business. We help your employees unlock their passion and drive change from within the company. We offer webinar workshops, toolkits, and events to build your team’s knowledge and skills. 

We support you in embedding sustainability in the company’s culture to drive continual progress. Our engagement strategy fosters a connection to our other Planet Mark certified businesses. You can reach out to them for shared learning and develop new business opportunities with other like-minded companies. 

Finally, our sustainable energy consultant helps your organisation communicate its progress and become a credible, trusted brand. You’ll have the ability to effectively communicate your environmental and social contributions with credibility, authenticity, and transparency. 

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Sustainable Energy Consultant & a Unique Process

Through our sustainable energy consultant, you’ll have access to our unique process to earn sustainability certifications. We use a simple three-step process that supports your organisation in achieving its sustainability goals. 

We start by rigorously measuring your carbon and social data so you can report your progress with confidence and authenticity. And we have a way to obtain a clear image of your environmental impacts using our carbon dioxide metric. We also measure your contributions to society by placing a financial value on the impact of your social activities. 

Our Planet Mark certification is recognised as a symbol of sustainability progress. Your business will have credibility, and your reach and influence will also allow you to encourage others in their own sustainability efforts. 

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Sustainable Energy Consultant Benefits

When you hire a sustainable energy consultant, your organisation can experience the benefits of becoming more sustainable and responsible for its actions. A Planet Mark certification is an excellent way to future-proof your business and ensures that you attract and retain more business and employees. 

You’ll also gain a competitive advantage with a Planet Mark certification. For instance, you’ll be ready if certain jobs or clients require sustainability certification to bid on a project. You won’t have to worry about becoming certified at the last minute. Instead, your business will be ready to make that bid and have a better chance of getting that project and more. 

In addition, being recognised as a sustainable company means attracting investors and stakeholders and their investments. More investors are looking for organisations that have sustainability certification. With a Planet Mark certification, you’re showing the company is positively impacting the environment and society. 

Finally, your business will become future-proof and more resilient with a Planet Mark certification. It will be ready to take on the challenges of a changing climate and adapt that much faster to global changes. 

The result can be not only being recognised as a leader in your industry with sustainability certification but also experiencing an increase in the organisation’s bottom line. This is accomplished not only through reductions in energy usage but also through increased business opportunities and meeting the demands of customers to become more sustainable. 

These are a few of the benefits your company can enjoy with a sustainable energy consultant. So, why not reach out today? We’re happy to answer your questions about our services and help you reach your sustainability goals through our Planet Mark certification program. 

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Green energy consultant / renewable energy consultant

Searching for a green energy consultant or a renewable energy consultant takes time and effort. We’re glad you found us and that you’re looking for an excellent partner to help your business reach its sustainability goals. We believe you’ve found the right green energy consultant. 

It’s an exciting time for companies and the renewable energy industry. Companies around the world are choosing to use renewable energy, with adoption reaching an all-time high in the next few years. 

At Planet Mark, we’re focused on helping businesses reach their sustainability goals through our green energy consultant and renewable energy consultant services. We help our clients achieve certification and find cost-effective solutions to manage their energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint. 

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What is a Green Energy Consultant/Renewable Energy Consultant? 

A green energy consultant/renewable energy consultant is a professional consultant that works with the renewable energy industry. These are leaders in the industry who understand the science and technology of the green energy industry. The consultant may be an individual or a team who uses their expertise to help clients explore, understand, and install renewable energy systems. 

A renewable energy consultant works with clients to make better decisions on reducing energy needs and using more renewable energy sources. The green energy consultant offers advice and guidance to companies on planning for the future and reducing reliance on traditional energy sources. 

When working with a client, a renewable energy consultant may do the following: 

– Develop plans to implement renewable energy technology (may include solar panels, use of energy generated by wind farms, and more). 

– Assist a business with creating an energy management system to track consumption and costs. 

– Recommend methods for using energy more efficiently. 

– Analyses how energy is being used, where it’s used, and when it’s used. 

– Advising clients on how to achieve certification & why this is important. 

– And more. 

In addition, a green energy consultant has the business development skills and knowledge to advise clients on achieving certification and scaling their business with renewable energy sources. They also offer guidance on making a client’s company resilient as the climate continues to change. Each of these is a valuable service and knowledge a business needs in order to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and make the switch to renewable energy. 

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Why Choose Planet Mark Renewable Energy Consultant? 

At Planet Mark, we’re focused on guiding your business in how to reduce its carbon footprint, become more sustainable, and scale with renewable energies. We are passionate sustainability experts and are dedicated to helping our clients reach their sustainability goals. 

What Our Green Energy Consultant Team Does

Our green energy consultant team works with your company to achieve the Planet Mark business certification. Our certification recognises your company’s commitment to continuous improvement in reducing reliance on traditional energy sources and reducing carbon emissions, water & energy consumption, travel, and waste. 

As a renewable energy consultant, we are committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals. Consider that, on average; our Planet Mark certified businesses make a 24% cut in absolute carbon emissions per year, 17% carbon saving per employee per year by making significant reductions in energy, waste, water, travel, and procurement. 

98% of our members achieve their targets of renewing their certification each year. 

These are significant achievements that not only help the environment but they also enable company growth. 


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Our Renewable Energy Consultant Process: Measuring with Rigour

We make it easy to measure your carbon footprint. How can we do that? Our process is easy; it uses your company’s existing data. Our green energy consultant team supports you in setting your reporting boundary and offers guidance on data collection. You’re never left guessing what to do or how to do it. That’s because we provide high-level improvement and recommendation, along with management information, to help drive your progress. 

In addition, our team supports you at each step through the process. We support you from measurement to reduction. 

Our renewable consultant team is also ready to help your company engage employees to drive change. Employees are crucial to the success of reaching your sustainability goals. Our team provides information for employees through webinar workshops, toolkits, and events meant to build knowledge and skills within your team and organisation at each level. 

We help you to make sustainability a part of your company culture, driven by continuous progress. Our engagement strategy also makes it possible to reach out to other holders of the Planet Mark certification. The result is a shared learning process and the ability to develop new opportunities with our members. 

Our green energy consultant team also provides the tools to communicate your company’s progress and build a brand your customers will trust. The Planet Mark certification is a recognised sign that a company is dedicated to becoming more sustainable. You learn how to effectively community your environmental and social contributions with credibility, authenticity, and transparency. 

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Why Choose Our Renewable Energy Consultant Team? 

The reason for choosing us is that we’re different. We offer a unique, simple three-step process that supports you in achieving your sustainability goals. You’re never left guessing as to how to proceed or what step is next. Our team is ready to guide you through the process, answering your questions and offering the guidance you may need. 

Our three-step process goes way beyond the measurement of your carbon footprint. They help you engage your entire business, communicate your sustainability strategy more broadly, and so much more. 

Our Purpose as a Green Energy Consultant

Our goal is to help you make meaningful change that creates a more sustainable, equitable world. We do this by supporting you in obtaining your sustainability goals and certifying your achievements. We help drive continuous positive change within your company and help you reach out to others who are conscious of developing sustainable businesses. 

We want to see you succeed with your sustainability goals and enjoy all the benefits the Planet Mark certification has to offer. 

If you’d like to learn more about our renewable energy consultant or green energy consultant services, please reach out today. We’re happy to answer your questions. So, let us know what your sustainability goals are, and we’ll make sure you reach them. 


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