Sustainability Consulting Firms London

Are you searching for one of the best sustainability consulting firms London? If so, you’ve found us! We’re Planet Mark, and we’re here to help you reach your sustainability goals. We understand sustainability can be complex; however, we make it simple.

Sustainability Consulting Firms London

What Does a Sustainability Consultant Do? 

Businesses around the world are looking to become more sustainable and reduce negative impacts on society. They may have environmental goals such as reducing waste, recycling, saving water, and more. However, most organisations are not able to reach their sustainability goals because they lack a plan. 

For this reason, organisations are turning to sustainability consultants to help guide their efforts and policies. Sustainability consultants work with a business to create policies and processes geared toward becoming more sustainable and reducing their environmental impact. 

Sustainability consultant firms London review an organisation’s operations and processes, then create bespoke solutions that help the organisation reach its environmental goals and thrive. 

London Sustainability Consulting Firms

Planet Mark – What We Do

Planet Mark is one of the sustainability consulting firms London. We offer sustainability certifications for businesses and real estate. Our products are easy to use and provide a clear understanding of your organisation’s carbon footprint and social contribution. 

Our business certification demonstrates your commitment to ongoing improvement; our process measures and reduces your company’s carbon emissions, energy, water consumption, travel, and waste. We’re fully committed to helping your business reach its sustainability goals. Our Planet Mark certified businesses are able to cut as much as 24% of their absolute carbon emissions each year, resulting in a 17% carbon saving per employee per year. In addition, 98% of our members reach their targets to renew their certification annually. 

In addition, each business that’s certified through our program protects an acre of rainforest through our partnership with Cool Earth. 

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The Planet Mark Certification Process

As one of the sustainability firms London, Planet Mark’s process measures your carbon and social data through a rigorous process. You can have complete confidence in reporting your sustainability progress through our certification process. 

We use a simple method to measure your organisation’s carbon footprint. We do this by using your company’s existing data. Our expert sustainability team works closely with you to help set your reporting boundary. They also provide guidance on data collection and then deliver high-level recommendations on how to improve, along with management information to help spur your company’s progress. Our team is ready to support you each step of the way, from measurement to reduction. 

Next, we work with you to engage employees and drive change. Employees are the key to reaching your organisation’s sustainability goals. Our engagement team offers webinar workshops, toolkits, and events to build knowledge and skills within your team. 

Sustainability Consulting Firms

We help you embed sustainability in the company culture and drive innovation and continual progress. Our engagement strategy also creates a connection to other members of the Plant Mark certification. You become a member of a group of like-minded businesses to share learning and develop business opportunities. You’re never alone on the journey to achieving your sustainability goals. 

We also provide you with the tools to communicate your progress and create a trusted brand. Our Planet Mark Business Certification is a recognised sign that a company is dedicated to making progress on its sustainability journey. Through our certification, you’ll gain the tools to effectively communicate your organisation’s environmental and social contributions with credibility, transparency, and authenticity. 

We help businesses achieve their sustainability goals through our easy, three-step certification process. Planet Mark also offers real estate certifications.

Sustainability Consulting

Why Choose Us? 

Because we do more to help your company reach its sustainability goals. For one thing, our certification process is an easy three-step process.

Becoming certified means you have more opportunities to join a passionate, like-minded community that provides continuous support, learning, and encouragement on your sustainability journey. 

London Sustainability Consulting

Planet Mark Sustainability Certification Process

We use a unique process compared to other sustainability consulting firms London. Our sustainability certification process uses a simple, unique three-step process that supports you each step of the way. What’s more, these steps go beyond measuring your carbon footprint. They also work to engage your entire company and effectively communicate your sustainability strategy to a broader audience. 

Our certification process measures your organisation’s carbon and social data rigorously. Our aim is to help you understand your business’s impact on the environment and society. You’ll have a clear picture of your company’s environmental impact through our carbon dioxide metric. We can also help you measure contributions to society by putting a financial value on the impact of your social activities. 

Planet Mark also works to help educate your employees on sustainability. Employees are key to reaching your sustainability goals. It’s for this reason our engagement experts work to motivate employees to change their behaviour, become more innovative, and find solutions to become environmentally sustainable. 

Finally, we provide you with the tools needed to effectively communicate your progress and build a trusted, respected brand. Our Planet Mark certification is recognised as a sign of an organisation’s commitment to ongoing progress with its sustainability activities. As you gain certification, your company can also reach out and influence others to make a serious effort to become sustainable. 

Making your certification public shows your organisation is making progress with sustainability. It also works to build trust and loyalty with partners, customers, and suppliers. 

Compliance & Reporting

We can also help your company with compliance and reporting. For some industries, there are environmental standards that your company may need to follow. 

With Planet Mark, you can rest assured you’ll reach compliance; however, we don’t stop there. We also assist you in understanding and integrating your efforts into a more comprehensive sustainability strategy. 

As one of the sustainability firms London, Planet Mark is committed to providing you with support at each step of our sustainability certification process. We’re also here to support your sustainability efforts after certification and help communicate your sustainability achievements effectively. 

If you’d like more information on how Planet Mark consulting can help your organisation become more sustainable, reach out today. We’re happy to answer questions and discuss our certification process with you. We’re committed to helping you reduce carbon emissions and reach your sustainability goals. 

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