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At Planet Mark, we are sustainable energy consultants looking to help your company reach its sustainability goals. We are dedicated to working with you and other organisations to stop climate change and become more sustainable in all areas.

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Our Sustainability Strategy & Goals 

Our world is reaching a tipping point when it comes to social and environmental issues. We want to contribute to improving the world and creating a planet where all can thrive. That requires an ambitious vision and goals. That’s why we’ve created the Planet Mark Sustainable Energy Consultant certification scheme. 

To bring this about, we had to set some ambitious goals aligned with global SDGs. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. However, setting yearly goals makes it easier to adjust our methods and ensure we’re doing everything possible to achieve our longer-term goals. 

And we’re looking forward to helping other companies achieve their own environmental and sustainability goals. That’s why we’ve created the business certification process, which recognises continuous improvement in an organisation’s sustainability efforts. 

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Our Business Certification Process

As sustainability consultants, we can measure and reduce your organisation’s overall carbon emission, energy & water consumption, travel, and waste. 

Our certification process starts with measuring your carbon footprint. We keep this process simple. Our three-step process uses your company’s data. Once we’ve established your baseline, our team of energy consultants then goes to work to deliver high-level improvement recommendations and management information to drive progress. Our team supports you at each step of the way, from measurement to reduction in your carbon footprint. 

When it comes to measuring your company data, we measure your carbon and social data with rigour. That means you can report your progress with complete confidence and authenticity. Plus, you’ll have a better understanding of the impact your business has on the planet. This information can be used to identify your progress in making reductions and becoming more sustainable over time. 

We use carbon dioxide as our metric. We also measure your contributions to society by placing a financial value on the impact of your social activities. Our sustainability energy consultants also help you engage your staff. The goal is to drive their passion for becoming more sustainable at work and at home. Our engagement experts work with employees to change their behaviours, become more innovative, and develop sustainable solutions. 

Our sustainability energy consultants also help you engage your staff. The goal is to drive their passion for becoming more sustainable at work and at home. Our engagement experts work with employees to change their behaviours, become more innovative, and develop sustainable solutions. 

Our team provides your employees with toolkits on many subjects, workshops that focus on the most important issues and provide advice on how to plan long-term sustainability goals. 

Finally, our team also provides you with the tools to communicate your progress and build a trusted brand. Your organisation will achieve more credibility because of its dedication to becoming more sustainable in all areas. 

The Planet Mark accreditation is a recognisable symbol of sustainability progress and adds credibility to all of your company’s activities. What’s more, as your efforts are broadly communicated, your reach and influence will encourage others to take action, too. 

In addition, by placing your certificate in the public domain, you become more transparent about your sustainability efforts and progress. At the same time, you build trust and loyalty with customers, stakeholders, and supply chain. 

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Why Choose Planet Mark Sustainability Energy Consultants

Our Planet Mark business certification is recognised across a wide range of industries. Companies that have earned our certification are recognised for their commitment to continuous improvement, measuring and reducing their organisations’ carbon emissions, energy & water consumption, waste, and travel. 

We’re different from other consultants. First, we use a unique, three-step process that supports our members in achieving their sustainability goals. Our process goes beyond only measuring your carbon footprint. It also helps you engage your entire business and communicate your sustainability strategy more broadly. 

What’s more, we are committed to driving change at scale. Planet Mark businesses, on average, make a 24% cut in absolute carbon emission each year and 17% carbon saving per employee per year through reductions in waste, water, travel, energy, and procurement. 98% of our members achieve their targets in order to renew their certification each year. These statistics speak to the success of our certification process and our member’s dedication to the process and achieving their sustainability goals. 

Finally, your business will also have more opportunities to attract stakeholder investments, bid on profitable projects, and even become more attractive to top job candidates. You can enjoy all this and more through Planet Mark’s sustainability accreditation. 

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Our Sustainability Energy Consultants Work Across Industries

Our sustainability energy consultants workacross a broad range of industries. We work with professional services and manufacturing to fast-moving consumer goods and fashion. Here’s an overview of some of the industries we work with: 

– Advertising, marketing, & PR Education

– Health & Wellbeing

– Media & Entertainment

– Retail

– Agriculture

– Energy & Utilities

– Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism

– Professional Services

– Automotive Manufacturing

– Government & Public Services

– And many more

No matter what industry you’re in, our sustainability energy consultants can help your company achieve its sustainability goals. 

We work with your organisation to ensure it achieves continuous improvement and implements sustainable solutions. When your company achieves Planet Mark certification, it will easily reduce carbon emissions and halt the climate crisis. 

You can count on the support of our sustainability energy consultants each step of the way. We encourage and support you to make continual improvements in your sustainability strategies. 

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Our Team is Committed to Helping You

Our sustainability energy consultants are committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals. That’s why so many of our members achieve their targets each year. They maintain their certification through cuts in carbon emissions by reducing energy, waste, water, travel, and procurement. 

We’ll provide you with all the tools needed to communicate your Planet Mark certification and become a trusted brand. 

If you’d like to learn more about our sustainability energy consultants and how they can help you achieve Planet Mark certification, contact us today. We’re looking forward to working with you and building a better, more sustainable, equitable world for everyone.

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