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Recognising outstanding achievements

The Awards offer a fantastic opportunity for our members to celebrate and be recognised for the amazing work they are doingfrom carbon reduction and supply chain engagement to social responsibility.

Enter the Planet Mark 2024 Awards

Inspiring collaborative action

The Awards is a time to connect and network with fellow members from across various industries and share inspiring stories and insights about approaches to tackling and advancing sustainable solutions.  


A symbol of trust

Judged by a panel of hand-picked sustainability experts, each award is based on a robust criterion allowing members to communicate their environmental and social achievements with confidence and authenticity – which employees and customers value.

Awards judges

Awards categories


Absolute Carbon Reduction
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This award celebrates the organisation that has made the greatest percentage reduction in absolute carbon emissions in 2023, as evidenced by the businesses’ certification report.

Carbon Reduction Per Employee
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This award recognises the organisation that has achieved the greatest percentage in carbon reduction per employee in 2023, as evidenced by the business’ certification report.

Data Quality and Collection
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The award celebrates the organisation that has demonstrated continuous improvement and most efficiently managed their emissions data, thereby ensuring data quality and a smooth collection and certification process for 2023.

Low Carbon Construction sponsored
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This award celebrates the new build construction project completed in 2023 that has achieved the lowest level of upfront embodied carbon emissions per m², as evidenced by the Development Certification Report (lowest kgCO2e/m2, A1-A5).


Employee Engagement
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This award recognises an organisation for implementing an initiative aimed at engaging their workforce by informing, inspiring and/or empowering staff to take a leading role in their organisation’s sustainability programme.

Community Engagement
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This award celebrates an organisation that has given back to their community through running or participating in a local project or initiative.

Supply Chain Engagement
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This award recognises an organisation that has taken impressive steps to engage with their supply chain, making supply chain engagement an integral part of their sustainability programme.


Sustainability Reporting
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Award for most transparent and effective communication of an organisation’s sustainability progress, including use your Planet Mark certification and alignment with global frameworks.

Sustainability Campaign 
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This award celebrates the best example of a purposeful sustainability campaign aimed at an organisation’s wider audiences.

Best Use of the Planet Mark
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This Award recognises the best and/or most creative use of the Planet Mark Certified Business Mark as a mark of progress in sustainability to communicate the commitment and impact of your organisation.


Sustainability Game-Changer
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Recognises a person who has made a material, measurable and positive cultural difference in their organisation and its impact on society and the environment.

Best Newcomer
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This award recognises a company that has achieved inspiring results in their first year of Planet Mark certification.

Planet Mark Milestone Award 
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Recognising continuous improvement, this award celebrates the organisations who have achieved five or ten years of Planet Mark certification with a year end of 2023.

Best Company
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This award celebrates a company who has embraced the Planet Mark vision through outstanding results in all aspects of the 3-step process (Measure, Engage, Communicate).


Mastering Supply Chain Engagement

Tuesday 9 July 2024, 12:00-1:00 PM

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