Six steps for communicators to inspire hearts and minds

We are all communicators, and all hold the power to inspire hearts and minds. Within your business, your marketing and communications team have an immense opportunity to influence your communities in an ever-changing world.

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Your marketing and communications team can spark imaginations, generate action, and can help solve important global issues. Here we discuss why marketing and communications teams are key to building businesses that not only take less, but give back to people and the planet whilst achieving climate action.

So, what are the business benefits that communicators create?

Sustained profitable growth whilst making progress for people and the planet. In 2019 Extinction Rebellion (XR) called upon advertising agencies and individuals to declare their commitment to the climate and ecological emergency by revealing their percentage of turnover by industry, and by actively not working on fossil fuel led client briefs. Communicating how your business serves a greater purpose beyond selling your services will retain current consumers, and attract many new ones.

Stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. Carving out time and resource for creativity and inspiration will ensure you transform complex issues into fresh, inspiring and world changing ideas, whilst not falling behind. Marketers have a responsibility to make their messages relevant and authentic, responding in a timely manner to worldly issues with clearly defined business actions. As a great example of this, take a look at Patagonia’s widely influential and successful response to Black Friday in 2016 with their ‘Don’t buy this jacket’ campaign.

Deepen relationships with your communities. Communicators understand customer values and can reflect them in everything your business does. This in turn motivates stakeholders, encourages brand loyalty and secures your reputation.

The six steps to creative success

We know that people care about the future of our planet, but we recognise that it can still be hard to generate action, so here are our six steps to creative success and action:

Elevate the voices of your marketing and communications team. Ensure they are included in the core decisions made by your business and are given an equal voice in important conversations.

Make your brand unforgettable. Use your creative people to build content that acts as a gateway to your companies’ purpose and values. This will deepen connections with your communities.

Build a strong community around your brand. Utilise your customer touch points to direct them back to the benefits they can provide society and the planet through your services.  

Tap into feelings and emotions. When delivering your messages take a step back and ask if it’s going to connect with your brand and provide tangible social value. Does the message or product inspire your audience and make them feel part of something bigger?

Make your customers’ decisions easy for them. Place yourself in their position and think about what would convince you to purchase a more sustainable product or service. Do the homework for your customer. Then communicate the benefits clearly so that choosing the sustainable option makes the most sense.

Don’t over communicate. Remember, repeating the same point using different words doesn’t make it more powerful. Keep it clean and simple.

What is the business case for sustainability?

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