Planet Mark works with businesses across the charity and not-for-profit industries to measure, report and reduce their carbon footprint, and further their commitment to make a positive impact on planet and society. Embedding sustainability into an organisation is not only for charities that champion environmental causes but for all charities who want to demonstrate their commitment towards a brighter future.
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With climate change recognised as one of the most significant challenges facing the global economy, organisations must adapt to a changing world by future-proofing their business and embedding sustainable practices. Transparency around businesses’ sustainability claims will be under increasing scrutiny and a certification can help to provide robust data so that you can report your progress with confidence. This is particularly true for charities working in conservation and climate change. They must be able to demonstrate strong sustainable credentials to reinforce their brand.   

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Social Value

In addition to measuring the carbon footprint and ultimately the environmental impact on the planet, charities can measure their social impact through the measurement of their social value contributions. Social value is the net social and environmental benefits generated by an organisation to society through its corporate and community activities. Planet Mark can help your business to report across five social value areas: your people, donations, community and volunteering, procurement and environmental impacts. Reporting on social value can help charities and not-for-profit organizations demonstrate a holistic overview of their environmental and social impacts.  

How we helped Bumblebee Conservation Trust measure their carbon footprint

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, the UK organisation making efforts to monitor and conserve bumblebees and their habitat, has achieved its first year of Planet Mark certification. Through certification, the charity has contributed to five United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  

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Why the charities industry should encourage certification

Organisations in the charity and not-for-profit industries can show real leadership by making steps towards tackling climate change. This is not only important for environmental charities but charities focusing on other environmental and social challenges as it demonstrates meaningful action towards a brighter future. A Planet Mark certification can not only help charities to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, but it can also help to engage their stakeholders and communicate their sustainability achievements to the world.  

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