Planet Mark works with the education industry, not only to support businesses to measure and reduce their carbon footprint but also to help integrate sustainability knowledge into the school curriculum. We work with nurseries, schools and universities globally to embed sustainability into their business.
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Sustainability education

Integrating environmental knowledge in curriculum

The sector has an opportunity to provide direct training and education for the growing number of green jobs in forward-thinking economies. In addition, a wider awareness of sustainability is vital for climate action in wider society. Educational institutions can foster this culture among staff, students and stakeholders in thinking about how sustainability can impact the planet. 

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Operational emissions

Businesses in the education sector must lead by example, and measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of school, childcare and university buildings is the best way to take meaningful action. Looking at the ways to reduce food waste in schools, reducing emissions associated with energy consumption and focusing on recycling are all important steps in tackling the climate crisis.  

How we helped Childbase Partnership achieve carbon reduction

In their second year of Planet Mark certification Childbase cut carbon by 15%, including a reduction in electricty emissions by 10% and reduction in business travel emissions by 16%. Childbase have gone a step further, including the measurement of wider Scope 3 emissions calculated through our Zeroby30 programme. 

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Why the education industry should encourage certification

The education industry has a critical role to play in tackling the climate crisis. It can inspire, educate and develop the knowledge and capabilities in individuals and groups to adapt to a changing world due to climate change. Through Planet Mark Certification, businesses can understand their own carbon footprint and be tooled with the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques in reducing emissions. Businesses in the education sector should go further and lead by example in their own sustainability efforts.  

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