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Through a commitment to continuous measurement and reduction in carbon emissions, Planet Mark offers companies corporate sustainability route maps that can encompass industrial processes, project emissions, social sustainability and much more. The sector must continue to promote sustainable investment, transforming the industry through renewable energy with a backbone of future-proofing, both economically and socially.
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Energy emissions

Emissions associated with the energy portfolio of a company contribute most emissions within the industry. Fossil fuels are associated with 89% of global CO2 emissions, so ensuring that producing electricity and energy from sustainable energy sources alongside sustainable technological integration is central to reducing the carbon footprint of companies in the industry. 

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Supply chain emissions

The supply chain of energy companies is also a major source of emissions. Taking an innovative approach to industrial processes and Scope 3 emissions is a vital step towards a zero-emissions base and could reap huge benefits for energy companies.  

How we helped Scottish Power Energy Networks embrace sustainable change

Planet Mark worked with Scottish Power Energy Networks to make their corporate sustainability strategy a reality. Helping the company measure emissions from its own processes and its supply chain, the company has set impact reduction goals for 2023, 2030 and 2050. 

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Why the energy and utilities industry should encourage certification

Planet Mark certification has many benefits for energy and utilities companies. As an industry at the forefront of climate change and current emissions, certification can act as a powerful statement on the direction and motivation of your business, communicating to stakeholders, customers, and the industry alike about the positive steps taken to tackle climate change. Our robust measurement and reduction strategies are well known and respected in the industry, giving energy companies the ability to envision sustainable change and the processes to help them achieve their environmental goals.  

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