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Planet Mark works with businesses across the fast-moving consumer goods industries – these are cheaper products that sell quickly including food and beverages, and non-durable household goods – in order to measure, report and reduce their carbon emissions. As consumers become more sustainability conscious, fast-moving consumer goods brands need to adapt to embrace low carbon innovations that will make a positive impact on the environment.

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Conscious consumers

Increased consumer demand for sustainable products has led to more scrutiny and changing preferences for businesses that are making a positive impact. A sustainability certification can give a business a competitive advantage by demonstrating its commitment to making a difference. Consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable alternatives, for example, switching single-used plastics to biodegradable alternatives and sustainable packaging. Companies within the fast-moving consumer goods industry will be left behind if they fail to adapt to a changing, low carbon world.  

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Circular economy

The FMCG industry is crucial for the transition to a circular economy. Greater transparency into the impacts of plastic pollution has driven riding consumer pressure to reduce plastic waste and move to a greater circularity – where the production of consumer goods considers recycling and reusing.  

How we helped Tenzing measure their carbon footprint

Tenzing, a natural energy drink brand, achieved their first year of Planet Mark certification in 2021. In addition to engaging their stakeholders, by becoming Planet Mark certified Tenzing have contributed to five United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). We also helped Tenzing to create a carbon footprint calendar for individuals to easily measure their own footprint.    

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Why the fast moving consumer goods industry should encourage certification

As consumers increasingly choose to spend their money with brands that have a commitment to sustainability, a Planet Mark certification can demonstrate the tangible actions a business has taken to measure and reduce their own carbon footprint. Sustainable consumer goods companies will achieve business benefits beyond making a positive impact on the planet. In addition to helping future-proof a business,a sustainability certification can help to increase efficiencies, cut costs and attract and retain the best talent.  

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