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The world’s wealth funds and investments have the potential to transform the landscape of sustainability. By acting on climate, companies in the financial services industry will feel the benefits two-fold; increasing investor confidence in the future of the company, and demonstrating to investors an ethical bedrock from which the company can grow.
Financial services industry

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Financial services industry

ESG performance

ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) has forced a reassessment of the core of the corporate strategy. High performance on ESG measures can help a business grow in several ways. These range from increasing investor confidence to risk management. A company promoting strong ESG performance will also be ahead of the game as legislation in the area continues to develop. 

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Investment resilience

Demonstrating a robust sustainability strategy will equip firms with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the face of our changing climate. The present climate crisis is an emerging financial crisis, and firms willing to expand their expertise in this area stand to better understand the future of investment.   

How we helped LPFA measure their carbon footprint

Planet Mark have helped the London Pensions Fund Authority (LPFA), the largest local government pension provider in London, measure and report its carbon footprint in their first year of certification. They have set a carbon reduction target of 5% annually and if they are able to achieve this, they will save the carbon equivalent of burning 185kg of coal.   

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Why the financial services industry should encourage certification

There is increasing consensus among the boardrooms of financial services firms that the industry will be held accountable for more than just financial outcomes in the future. Good intentions must be combined with commitments and robust measurements to demonstrate continuous focus on carbon reduction. Planet Mark equips company with the tools to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, and communicate their sustainable successes.   

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