Planet Mark works with businesses across the manufacturing industry, from paper and packaging to electronics, in order to measure and reduce their carbon emissions. The environmental impact of the current manufacturing practices and systems is significant and as the world looks to a net zero carbon revolution, manufacturing and sustainability will be critical.
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Energy emissions

A key area the manufacturing industry can look at is their energy usage and focusing on a transition to a renewable energy source in their production process. The manufacturing and industrial services sector is the UK’s third highest energy consumer, accounting for 16% of total energy consumption in 2019. Sustainable manufacturing that considers energy usage can help to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in business.  

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According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the production of materials contributes to almost one quarter of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Manufacturing companies can mitigate global warming through the considerate use of materials. By extending the lifespan of products, reusing and recycling, as well as adopting solutions to use fewer materials are strategies that can help reduce a manufacturers impact on the environment.  

How we helped Glen Dimplex cut their carbon footprint

Glen Dimplex are the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical heating appliances, and hold significant global market positions in domestic appliances, cooling, ventilation, and renewable energy solutions. In their first year of Planet Mark business carbon footprint reporting, Glen Dimplex calculated the carbon footprint of its five subsidiaries and set a target to reduce emissions by 5% annually.  

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Why the manufacturing industry should encourage certification

There are a growing number of sustainable production solutions that can reduce the manufacturing impact on the environment. By measuring their carbon footprint and focusing on production sustainability, manufacturers can increase efficiencies and cut costs, alongside building a future-proofed business.  

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