As brands that are dedicated to customer experience, the retail industry must pay close attention to the changing mind of the modern consumer. Ethical consumption is more than a trend, it is a fundamental shift in how people support the brands and causes they value. The retail industry is responding by acknowledging its role in climate change and their ability to make a positive difference.
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Waste and resource efficiency

Resource inefficiency is a huge contributor to the carbon emissions and unnecessary overheads of retail businesses. Whether through sourcing ecologically friendly packaging or the implementation of circular approaches to resource use, companies in retail can make great steps forward in the efficient use of resources. 

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Supply chain emissions

As the shop window to the world, retailers have an opportunity to make positive change beyond their own emissions through their supply chains. Exploring ethical and environmentally sourced alternatives, or working with suppliers to green their processes, helps cut the emissions of both a retailer and its suppliers. Working to create a sustainable supply chain feeds back into consumer confidence in your brand. 

How we helped Hypnos cut their carbon footprint

We have helped Hypnos beds calculate the carbon footprint of its office and market operations. The company is committed to contributing towards seven Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has taken several climate mitigation actions with the help of Planet Mark. Hypnos has also achieved Planet Mark Carbon Neutral certification having been carbon-neutral for over a decade.  

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Why the retail industry should encourage certification

Planet Mark certification gives consumers a symbol of trust. Certification shows that a company is embedding sustainable thinking throughout its process, and is committed to a better future. Retailers can use Planet Mark not just as a tool to reduce its carbon footprint, but to demonstrate to ethically minded consumers that the products they buy have been sold with our planet in mind.  

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