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Globally, transport alone accounts for around a quarter of all emissions, and must be drastically reduced if humanity is to achieve the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement. While the transport and logistics industries are important contributors to climate change, they are also poised to feel its impacts.
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Transport emissions

Transport is a huge contributor to climate change, and emissions are on the rise. While road vehicles are responsible for three quarters of all greenhouse emissions from transport, all forms of transport must look to sustainable innovation to reduce their footprint.  

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Embedded emissions

The emissions created from the buildings, infrastructure and products associated with the industry also significantly contributes to climate change. Greening business processes and supply chains help to embed sustainable principles throughout a business.  

How we helped Goodman Logistics cut their carbon footprint

Goodman Logistics has been cutting its carbon footprint with Planet Mark for over nine years. In 2020 the integrated commercial and industrial property group won the Planet Mark award for carbon reduction by intensity, cutting their emissions per employee by over half.  

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Why the transport and logistics industry should encourage certification

Certification is an important part of decarbonising the transport and logistics industry. As industries at the coal face of climate change, clear and powerful messaging on a company’s climate action is vital, not only to ensure sustainable progress but to communicate with stakeholders and clients that action is a strategic priority. Planet Mark certification is a one-stop shop for sustainability, providing robust measurement and reduction strategies alongside communications tools to help demonstrate progress.   

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