Planet Mark Live!

We’re introducing Planet Mark Live lunch time drop-in sessions where our team will be answering questions about your certification and discussing all things sustainability.

Ashley Richmond
Eden Project
Planet Mark Live Team
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Join us on 3 November from 12.15-12:45 for a Planet Mark Live drop-in session where our team will be there to answer any questions about your certification; from data collection and engagement to communicating your achievements.

Being a Planet Mark member is not just about achieving certification and checking boxes; it gives you the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded individuals from your own industry and beyond. The journey to certification empowers businesses and organisations to understand their own impact on the environment and how they can minimise it. Our three-step process helps you to accelerate your actions, excite your employees and amplify your voice. Through collaborative action, 99% of Planet Mark members achieve their reduction targets in order to renew their certification.  

This is an opportunity to learn from fellow members, share ideas or ask questions to get further support and the best out of your certification! Plus, you’ll be the first to know about our latest services, workshops and events. With COP26 around the corner, we’ll be discussing your business’ role in driving change and what your presence and legacy looks like at the conference and beyond.

This Planet Mark Live! session will take place the first Wednesday of each month and are intended for members who are actively working towards or have already achieved the Planet Mark. We encourage all members to download our Certification Schemes which provides additional guidance on how to achieve certification.

So, bring your lunch or a coffee and expect informative talks, valuable networking opportunities and inspiring discussions to further advance your sustainability journey. We can’t wait to see you there! 

Register through our member-exclusive Community Platform.  

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