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Planet Mark’s business certification provides the perfect platform for commercially resilient and sustainable change by measuring and reducing your carbon footprint, year on year, engaging your staff and stakeholders and supporting you in communicating your progress with authenticity and confidence.

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UK businesses
must be net
zero by 2050.

By 2050, every UK business has to be net-zero by law. Understanding the impact your organisation has on the planet is the first step in identifying the actions you need to take to achieve this.

Understanding your organisations carbon footprint is the first step in any effective carbon reduction strategy. By providing a baseline of emissions broken down by the component parts, your carbon footprint helps you to understand where the opportunities exist to make immediate and meaningful reductions. With a decade of experience analysing annual carbon data for hundreds of organisations, our carbon analysts are able to easily identify and recommend areas you might want to tackle first.

Our proven process has been designed to accelerate your journey to net zero while simultaneously supporting commercial resilience through stakeholder engagement and growth through favourable brand association and enhanced sustainability perceptions. Our framework identifies operational inefficiencies and highlights where your strategy should focus in order to drive the most impact for your business and the planet.

We value a transparent and authentic approach to sustainability. Planet Mark’s third-party verification for our carbon impact and social value helps us demonstrate our credentials, benchmark our progress and proudly show our pledge toward continued improvement. Our stakeholders can be reassured by our commitment that fits with our wider strategic aims: to achieve net zero; to green our supply chains; to embed a culture of sustainability throughout the wider group and to minimise waste. 

Clare Clark, Head of Sustainability
CH&CO Catering Limited


Strengthen your
commercial resilience.

  • Enhanced brand association helping to attract and retain customers, which directly impacts revenue AND the overall value of your organisation.
  • Reduced costs through directly reducing energy consumption, waste, and water usage.
  • Increased market opportunity, as channel partners make progress they must bring their supply chain with them, or find suppliers that share a commitment to action and continuous improvement.
  • Future Proof your organisation, remain compliant and ahead of the regulatory requirements for your industry.
  • Attract and retain talent, 79% of millennial employees are loyal to companies that care about their effect on society and will increasingly favour employer with progressive ESG credentials. 

Collective impact


Cut in absolute carbon
emissions per year


Carbon saving per
employee per year


success rate

How it works

We help you collate readily available environmental and social value data before independently verifying that data to gold standard industry benchmarks. Using this data, we provide you with your carbon footprint which can accurately guide your thinking as you embark on an ongoing journey of carbon reduction.

  • Robust data collection and reporting across Scope 1, Scope 2 and elements of Scope 3. 
  • Set benchmarks and targets to improve annually. On average, members make a 24% cut in absolute carbon emissions per year. 
  • High-level improvement recommendations and on-going support every step of the way.


What does a sustainability certification for business mean?
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The Planet Mark Business Certification is a recognised symbol of sustainability progress. It demonstrates a business’ commitment to measuring and reducing their carbon emissions, ultimately contributing to their environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. The certification means that you can report your progress to stakeholders with confidence.

What are the sustainability requirements to achieve certification?
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You receive Planet Mark certification once carbon emissions have been verified. You can also choose to measure your social value as a more holistic view of your global impact. You are able to renew and retain your Planet Mark through quantifiable reductions of carbon emissions on an annual basis after year one.

What are the business benefits for holding a sustainability certification?
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A recognised sustainability certification gives businesses a competitive advantage and improves brand image. It can reduce costs and ultimately ensures a future-proofed business. It also helps to attract and retain talent as more employees are looking for ethically responsible workplaces. Combined, the benefits of holding a sustainability certification improves a business' triple bottom line covering profit, people, and the planet. The regenerative economy will support and reward those organisations that truly contribute to society and the planet.

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Can you help us to reach net zero?
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Yes, our Zero Carbon Solutions will demystify the subject of net zero carbon emissions and will support your business to reach it. No matter what stage in your net zero journey you are on, from committing to a target to creating the action plan needed to get there, we can help.

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What is social value?
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Social value is the net social and environmental benefits generated by an organisation to society through its corporate and community activities. These are reported as financial performance. You can choose to measure your social value contributions alongside carbon measurement through Planet Mark, revealing your full sustainability story. Measuring your social value contributes to a strengthened environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria which is critical to long-term competitive success.

How does a Planet Mark certification help with compliance reporting?
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A certification helps businesses to understand and integrate environmental standards into their wider sustainability strategy. Along with compliance to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 requirements, our certification helps your business to contribute to nine UN SDGs and addressing 19 SDG targets. Measuring your carbon emissions along with your social value contributions can strengthen your ESG strategy.

Can you help with Carbon Neutral commitments?
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Yes, as part of our advisory services we can support members to achieve Carbon Neutral status by offsetting any unavoidable emissions through projects around the world.

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