Carbon Neutral

Demonstrate your commitment to reducing carbon emissions by achieving certification for your organisation in accordance with the internationally recognised standard PAS 2060.

What is carbon neutral?

Carbon neutral is the balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere in carbon sinks.

How it works:

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Measure emissions and understand the carbon impact of your operations. Your measurement will include operational carbon (minimum scope 1 and 2) as per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Scope 3 can be included as well, but not compulsory.

Carbon Management Plan
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Reduce carbon emissions and annually document plans and progress towards carbon reductions. We require all businesses to develop carbon management plans detailing concrete steps to reduce emissions and dependence on offsets over time.
We provide templates, guides and tools to help you determine where and how you can reduce emissions. Once you have completed the plan, our team of sustainability consultants will ensure the robustness of your carbon management plan and support you along the process.

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Purchase offsets equivalent to total carbon footprint from certified carbon credits: Gold Standard or VCS offsets procured through Planet Mark partners or other recognised offset programmes.

Review and documentation
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The Planet Mark certification team will develop a qualifying explanatory statement (QES) including a statement of commitment and timescale of achievement. We will review the proof of emissions reductions, including withdrawn carbon credits, carbon footprint report and the carbon management plan.

By achieving Carbon
Neutral status,
businesses can:

  • Demonstrate continuous commitment towards achieving decarbonisation targets and the actions being taken to reach them.
  • Track progress with an annual certification review.
  • Add credibility and rigour to your carbon management plan.
  • Contribute to global decarbonisation efforts by reducing emissions and supporting high quality environmental projects.
  • Align your business to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The pathway to net zero

Achieving net zero is a transformative, long-term commitment that requires the collective efforts of businesses and organisations across the world. Carbon neutrality is a stepping stone on this journey, as it requires commitments to decarbonise. By investing in mitigation actions beyond your value chains, businesses and organisations can play a vital role in accelerating the transition to net zero. 

Why Planet Mark

Our Carbon neutral badge represents transparency and carbon accountability.

Our robust evidence-based methodology is consistent with the internationally recognised carbon neutral specification, PAS 2060. We independently verify your carbon footprint, ensure your carbon management plans are robust and verify the credibility of your purchased offsets. We adhere to the highest quality standards as outlined in the PAS2060 guidance, and accept only offsets that are classified as high-quality, such as Gold Standard.

In doing so, certified businesses can communicate progress to customers and stakeholders with confidence.

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