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Our Certifications are governed by the Certification Scheme Rules, Procedures and Management Processes.

About the Planet Mark Certification Scheme

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Aligning to international standards 

At Planet Mark we have a strong focus on quality and consistency. Our Certification Scheme Rules, Procedures and Management Processes are aligned to ISO 17065 to ensure that we are delivering a quality certification. They define the rules and processes that underpin the operation of the Planet Mark Business Certification and the Planet Mark Development Certification and are based on leading international standards.   

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Using the Certification Scheme Rules, Procedures and Management Processes 

They are primarily intended for use by parties implementing the Certifications, including Assessment Bodies, Planet Mark employees, and members of the Certification Governance Board. The Certification Scheme Rules also provide guidance to Members on how to achieve Certification.  

Planet Mark Business Certification Scheme
Planet Mark Development Certification Scheme

Governing the Certification Scheme 

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Certification Governance Board

Our Certification Governance Board (CBG) replaces our Advisory Panel, and is responsible for, and has oversight of all elements on the Certification Scheme. We officially launched our new Board in January 2022. The CBG will predominantly be made up of people external to Planet Mark and will report to the Planet Mark Board. 

Planet Mark Development Scheme

Our commitment to continuous improvement 

We are continuously reviewing legal requirements, compliance, best practice and the evolution of ESG and sustainability ideas, to ensure that the certification remains both compliant and cutting edge. The CGB will review the Certification Scheme at least once a year and approve and publish updates.

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