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Every building, house or development should have a positive impact on society and the environment, with a clear purpose in meeting the needs of the communities it serves. We work together to create buildings that future generations will recognise for pushing boundaries at the critical moment for us and the planet.

Our commitment

We are committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals. On average, Planet Mark certified developments make a 26% reduction in whole life carbon emissions. The UK Built Environment is currently responsible for 25% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions and, as a result, a new definition of business leadership in the built environment is being driven. Developers and construction companies are choosing to deliver projects that are in-line with global targets, to assist with the ambition of reaching 100% net zero emissions buildings by 2050. 

Design Stage Analysis


WE help you to embed sustainability in every stage of your development, starting with design

There are significant carbon reduction and wider sustainability opportunities during the design stage of a development.

Our Design Stage Analysis will promote meaningful early engagement and facilitate the exploration of low carbon design solutions, which can be implemented within the design to help create more sustainable developments and communities.

From critical design reviews and workshops, to providing support for planning applications, we are there to help every step of the way.

Development Certification


WE  help you to reduce your whole-life carbon emissions and engage with local community and supply chain.

Designed in three simple steps – measure, engage and communicate – the Development Certification ensures every building from its design through to its operation can combat climate change and contribute to the society that it serves.

We measure your whole-life carbon emissions through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which is conducted by a Planet Mark approved LCA consultant and provides a clear, digestible breakdown of your whole-life carbon emissions against a national baseline. Third party verification from Planet Mark adds rigor, consistency and transparency to the LCA calculation.

We engage with your supply chain to help you collaboratively achieve your goals and with local primary schools to enhance climate education. Throughout the certification, we share communication materials to help you talk about your sustainability actions and ambitions.

More information about Life Cycle Assessment methodology here

Fit Out and Retrofit Certification


WE  measure the whole-life carbon savings of your fit out and retrofit

Similarly to the Development Certification, our Fit Out and Retrofit Certifications requires the measurement and reduction of whole-life carbon emissions and includes the engagement with supply chain and local primary schools.

Property Certification


WE support you and your tenants in making annual operational carbon reductions

Our Property Certification quantifies a development’s ongoing operational carbon footprint and sets annual reduction targets. We help you to engage and upskill staff onsite in sustainability and running their buildings more efficiently.

We also support communicating sustainability commitments and achievements internally and externally.

Achieve net zero


WE help reduce operational and embodied carbon in line with global net zero targets

Net zero carbon is an urgent and essential step in tackling the climate crisis.

To achieve the goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement, we must work together to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Our approach aligns with the UKGBC’s Framework for Net Zero Carbon Buildings by ensuring that impactful efforts are taken to reduce both operational and construction related carbon impacts and only the residual emissions are offset.

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