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GLP is a leading investor, developer and manager of European logistics real estate. GLP achieved over a 20% decrease in emissions in its first year with the Planet Mark.
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4 years

Real Estate Building



Carbon reduction per employee

Reporting Boundary: 9 Operational Sites

Emission Sources: Electricity, T&D Losses, Natural Gas, Heat and Steam, Water, Waste, Fleet, Business Travel, Paper, Courier/Freight, Homeworking (excluded from footprint)

Reporting Period: 01 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021


Location-based total carbon footprint

390.9 tC0₂e

Location-based total carbon footprint per employee

2.5 tC0₂e

Total Social Value



FTE employees

We engage our employees and wider stakeholders to unlock their talent and knowledge to drive year on year progress in sustainability.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

We recognise that transparent communication is essential for transformational change and we quantifiably contribute to 9 SDG.


Certification story

GLP, a leading investor, developer, and manager of European logistics real estate, has achieved Planet Mark certification.

This is GLP’s fourth year of business carbon footprint reporting and Planet Mark certification. Since certifying to Planet Mark, the company has set a target to reduce emissions by 5% annually.

GLP’s total carbon footprint in the year ending December 2021 was 390.9 tCO2e and the total carbon per employee in the year ending 2021 was 2.5 tCO2e, a reduction of 7%. 

GLP has also had their Social Value contribution measured by Planet Mark, this amounted to £132,234. 

Steve Malkin
Planet Mark
“GLP has made great strides in its four years with Planet Mark. This year’s results are a testament to the dedication, throughout the whole team, to becoming more sustainable. GLP already creates property and spaces with the environment in mind, but this is coupled with cutting carbon within the organisation, too. It is a truly inspiring combination, and one that all of those in the property industry should aspire to. It is a pleasure to work with GLP, and I wish them even more success in the future.”
Graeme Munro
Head of Construction for Europe
“GLP want to consistently deliver a sustainable operation as a business and we see as paramount in today’s market of Logistics Development. We are fully focused on the value of Sustainability and all that it brings to us to deliver a successful business model that is current in today’s market. By Driving Sustainability and carbon reduction in our business we are able to demonstrate to our investors, customers and shareholders that we are fully committed and pro-actively thinking about Sustainability and how we can constantly evolve this topic with ESG matters for the long-term.”

Certification story

Graeme added “Planet Mark certification really formalises all our hard work and dedication from all the team at GLP annually of all the fantastic things that are being done on Sustainability. Overall, It is a great way to engage and really focus the business on Sustainability and Carbon Reduction.” 

Sustainability presents an opportunity for businesses in all industries. As well as meeting the demands of modern consumers and regulations, a measured and practical approach to sustainability provides resilience in an ever-changing world. Businesses that are able to be agile and responsive to the challenges of climate change will be better placed to thrive in the future.  

GLP sets itself very high standards when it comes to playing its part in protecting the environment, supporting the communities in which it operates, and ensuring a fair, ethical approach to work. The company aims for all new buildings to achieve a BREEAM Excellent certification for sustainability, as well as aspiring toward a number of other sustainability standards in construction and property management. Its own offices feature a range of renewable technology, such as solar panels, heating, battery storage and rainwater recycling, so that the company can lead from the front on sustainable buildings.  

The real estate industry must act on climate change. As well as being a major contributor to the world’s carbon emissions, a sustainable building can provide positive for human health, productivity and wellbeing. Cutting carbon emissions to achieve society’s climate change goals can be paired with tangible social and health benefits, providing a compelling case for better real estate.  

Case study

rainforest sunset


In addition to measuring its carbon footprint, GLP has also begun measuring its social value contribution as a further commitment to providing a positive impact on the planet and society. GLP has also appointed a Sustainability Champion within the business who, alongside encouraging sustainability efforts, also assists in the collection of data to create their carbon footprint through Planet Mark.  

Planet Mark workshop


GLP has created a sustainability stakeholder team consisting of both expert third parties and key internal staff members. The group meets quarterly with smaller interest groups meeting on a weekly basis. At its annual global gathering, all staff members across Europe are made aware of the company’s vision and strategy to increase sustainability efforts. The GLP Europe intranet system keeps staff up to date on key sustainability matters and initiatives ongoing and provides the opportunity for staff to ask questions and give feedback.  

Banner outside Planet Mark certified building


All GLP’s sustainability achievements are shared with the business and wider public through their external platforms including their social media channels. GLP’s stakeholders have a strong interest in issues of sustainability, from their investors through to their customers. Since communicating these efforts in reducing its carbon footprint, several of GLP’s stakeholders have followed suit. In its third year of Planet Mark certification, GLP communicated their contribution to seven United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  

Future targets

Reduce carbon footprint by 5% annually.

As part of the Planet Mark certification, GLP has committed to making a year-on-year reduction.

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