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Modulaire Group, a leading specialist in creating modular spaces want to ensure that they are a force for good: positively transforming society and the planet by focusing on minimising carbon emissions for its customers and the Group.
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Location-based total carbon footprint

Reporting Boundary: 8th Floor, 262 High
Holborn, London WC1V 7NA

Emission sources: Electricity, T&D Losses,
Natural Gas, Other fuel, Fleet

Reporting Period: 1 Jan 2020 – 31 Dec 2020

24,016.9 tC0₂e

Location-based total carbon footprint per employee

6.0 tC0₂e

Market-based total carbon footprint

25,604.9 tC0₂e

Market-based total carbon footprint per employee

6.4 tC0₂e


FTE employees

We engage our employees and wider stakeholders to unlock their talent and knowledge to drive year on year progress in sustainability.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

We recognise that transparent communication is essential for transformational change and we quantifiably contribute to 5 SDG’s.


Certification story

Modulaire Group, a leading specialist in creating modular spaces for rental or sale has achieved the Planet Mark certification.

This is Modulaire Group’s first year of business carbon footprint reporting and Planet Mark certification. Since certifying to Planet Mark, the company has set a target to reduce emissions by 5% annually. 

Modulaire Group’s total carbon footprint in the year ending December 2020 was 24,016.9 tCO2e. Modulaire Group’s total carbon per employee in the year ending 2020 was 6.0 tCO2e.  

If Modulaire is able to reach its carbon reduction target, it will save the same amount of carbon as preventing 3 million car miles being driven.

Through Planet Mark, the company has protected an area of endangered rainforest thanks to Cool Earth; a charity working alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation. Its pledge through Cool Earth goes directly towards supporting the Asháninka community in Central Peru.

It is also helping the Eden Project – an educational charity building connections with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work together towards a better future.   

Steve Malkin
Founder and CEO
Planet Mark
“Congratulations to Modulaire Group on their first year of Planet Mark certification. The Group has sustainability at its core, driving innovation in the sector through modular building and cutting emissions compared to traditional practices. However, Modulaire doesn’t stop there, the team know they have a responsibility to streamline their business to become as efficient and planet friendly as possible. We need more businesses like Modulaire Group who are willing to lead from the front on climate action.”
Inder Poonaji
ESG and Sustainability Director
Modulaire Group
“We recognise that we must conduct business ethically, considering environmental and community goals and being a good employer. With a diverse customer base across sectors that are vital to society, comes a clear responsibility to deliver a sustainable future. By understanding the importance of the climate crisis and the transition required to net zero by 2050, we have set in motion actions to deliver on our ESG and Sustainability strategy by the integration of four key frameworks into our business model.”

Certification story

Modulaire Group is also measuring its performance against globally recognised standards which provide benchmarks for our contribution to its people, broader society and climate-related risks and opportunities –  UN SDGs, the UNGC, Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) alongside Planet Mark. The Group has set interval targets for 2025, 2028 and 2030 to consistently measure progress. Modulaire believes in action now to achieve its climate ambition targets and recognises that a healthy business is dependent on a healthy ecosystem and healthy societies. 

Innovation in the built environment is essential to meeting our global climate targets. The built environment is a major emitter of emissions worldwide, and businesses in the industry must begin to evaluate their work from a climate-oriented perspective, from sourcing sustainable materials to creating spaces that last and work for our planet and the occupants of a building.   

Future targets

Reduce carbon footprint by 5% annually

As part of the Planet Mark certification, Modulaire Group has committed to making a year-on-year reduction.

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