Net Zero Programme

No matter what stage in your net zero journey you are on, from setting a target to developing the strategy needed to get there, our six-stage Net Zero Programme can support you.

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Our commitment

The Planet Mark Net Zero Programme incorporates our core principles of comprehensive carbon footprinting, annual certification, effective strategy setting and employee engagement.

Our six-stage Programme builds on these core principles to enable you to set and deliver a credible net zero plan. The Programme aligns with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) Corporate Net-Zero Standard which delivers against the 1.5°C pathway global warming target set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Defining the baseline

Net Zero Programme Business Certification

Stage one

Planet Mark Business Certification supports companies to calculate and reduce their carbon emissions, measuring Scopes 1, 2 and elements of Scope 3. ​

Our annual certification allows businesses to report their progress with confidence, engage their staff to drive change and communicate their environmental contributions with credibility. 

A competitive advantage
Attract and retain talent
A healthy bottom line
Future-proofed business
Logistics transport road

Stage two

Scope 3 Footprinting provides a rigorous measurement of a business’ material Scope 3 emissions, covering all other indirect emissions. (e.g., goods and services procured by a company, business travel using non-fleet resources, waste generated in operations, employees commuting to work, transport and distribution of goods, franchises and investments.)

Allows you to set true net zero targets, aligned to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) Corporate Net Zero Standard

Target setting

Net Zero Programme Target Setting

Stage three

Robust net zero targets need to be authentic and ambitious but realistic. Ambitious targets will demonstrate the effort your business is taking to achieve net zero, which provides a competitive advantage. 

Realistic targets help the company demonstrate credibility and transparency in its approach. 

Once we help establish a complete baseline carbon footprint for your entire organisation and set credible net zero targets, we will help you communicate your commitment with tailored and authentic media support.


Avoid greenwashing through credible net zero targets
Understand what your competitors and other stakeholders are doing around net zero
Support with aligning targets to SBTi’s Corporate Net Zero Standard

Action plan

Net Zero Programme Action Plan

Stage four

Transparency is the best way to communicate your sustainability ambitions and achievements, drive progress and create a legacy.​

This is a costed, robust plan that outlines how to achieve your net zero targets. Linking authentically to your business’s mission, vision, strategy and values, this Net Zero Action Plan should be published externally and be governed by an external body or auditor. 

Once you have developed a comprehensive action plan to significantly reduce your emissions across all scopes by a minimum of 90% before the target date, prioritising rapid cuts of at least 50% by 2030, we will help you communicate the actions that will enable you to achieve net zero.

Authenticity through a credible Net Zero Action Plan​
Recommendations for improvements allowing for continuous progress

Governance and offsetting

Net Zero Programme Governance Offsetting

Stage five

​The path to net zero is not always linear, and adjustments may need to be made along the way to stay on track, or even accelerate ahead of targets as your business evolves. An annual independent review against net zero targets ensures realistic progress is tracked against your itemised Action Plan.  

Robust approach that encourages transparency of reporting and progress
Supports continuous improvement
Demonstrates real progress to net zero to combat any greenwashing concerns
Net Zero Carbon Offsetting

Stage six

​The final stage to reach net zero, once emissions have been reduced by at least 90% of the baseline, is to balance any unavoidable emissions through accredited carbon removal schemes.

These schemes remove carbon from the atmosphere and permanently store it to counterbalance the impact of your remaining emissions. For example, soil carbon sequestration or seagrass restoration. ​

Once you have achieved stages one to six, we will provide tailored support to communicate your environmental contributions with credibility, authenticity and transparency.

With UK-based Gold Standard carbon removal offsets in finite supply, this service ensures access to a large proportion of the available projects
Credible carbon removal projects that are compliant with Gold Standard

Full services

Business Certification
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Planet Mark Business Certification supports companies to calculate and reduce their carbon emissions, (Scopes 1, 2 and key components of Scope 3.), engage their staff to drive change and communicate their environmental contributions with credibility.

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Annual Sustainability Energiser
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Included in the Business Certification programme is an Annual Sustainability Energiser. This workshop is for all employees of a Planet Mark member organisation to understand their company’s carbon footprint and identify solutions to reduce emissions.

Net Zero Carbon Essentials
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This CPD-accredited workshop, designed for individuals and teams starting out on their net zero journey, helps to demystify the jargon and understand what a transition to net zero means for their business.

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Supply Chain Engagement Workshop
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By educating and encouraging innovation against the supply chain a company can help facilitate carbon reduction strategies across their Scope 3 emissions. This workshop gives an introduction to Scope 3 measurement, and a chance for the company to generate buy-in, collaboration and engagement with its supply chain.

Scope 3 Footprinting
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Scope 3 Footprinting provides rigorous measurement of a business’ material Scope 3 emissions, allowing a company to set true net zero targets, aligned to Science Based Targets. Scope 3 Footprinting is a requirement of the Planet Mark Net Zero Programme framework.

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Net Zero Masterclass
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This masterclass is designed to upskill a busy leadership team in order to understand the global context of net zero and its impacts on business and offer an insight into what the company’s sector is doing in the net zero arena.

Net Zero Target Setting Workshop
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Aligned to the Science Based Targets initiative’s Net Zero Standard, this workshop supports organisations in setting meaningful and achievable net zero targets. This workshop provides insight into what competitors and other stakeholders are doing around net zero.

Net Zero Action Plan Workshop
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This workshop provides business leaders with the tools and knowledge to create the foundations of a Net Zero Action Plan governed by Planet Mark. Once the plan is complete, companies submit it for review to our certification team which will ensure key focus areas are identified, as well as recommendations for improvements.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme
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An end-to-end service offering companies support in becoming ESOS compliant – a legislative requirement for large UK organisations. Our expert team of lead assessors can deliver audits or assess reports delivered by other auditors.

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Sourcing Clean Energy
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This service provides your business with direct access to electricity generated in the UK from wind, solar and hydro sources that are verified by the appropriate Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs).

Net Zero Governance
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Supporting organisations to make continuous improvements, our Net Zero Governance provides an annual review of progress against their net zero targets and action plan.

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This service sources Gold Standard carbon removal offsetting projects covering both technology-based carbon removal projects and nature-based carbon removal projects, all of which will be UK based.

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