Social Value

Social value is the net social and environmental benefit generated by an organisation to society through its corporate and community activities. 

What is social value?

Measuring your social value enables businesses to show a more holistic and broader measure of your contributions to society and the environment while strengthening your environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

Business Benefits

  • Strengthen your bids and tenders.
    Public bodies and local authorities are now obliged to take into account social value during the procurement process. Now you can create an accurate and well-rounded Social Value response in bids and tenders.
  • Increase brand and reputational affinity.
    Over 75% of a company’s worth is intangible. In other words, your business’ brand is your most valuable asset. Protect it and enhance it by demonstrating social value.
  • Healthy Bottom Line.
    Businesses with a purpose-beyond-profit outlook tend to outperform the competition while attracting and retaining long-term investment.

How does Planet Mark help?

Our Social Value measurement allows you to convey the impact of your societal contributions at a glance. Working with the social value portal, Planet Mark supports your business in reporting its social value measurements annually, covering categories such as your people, community and volunteering, donation, procurement and environmental impacts.

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